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Lead Build Live Podcast - With Larry Boatright

Lead Build Live Podcast - With Larry Boatright

Hosted by: Larry Boatright

It’s hard to balance leadership and life. Each week, Larry Boatright, long-time leader of business and non-profit organizations, as he interviews leaders and thought leaders from a variety of spheres of leadership...


#10: 010 Making Relational Leadership Work

Season #1

Is it possible to invest relationally in your staff and still have a productive team?  John Atkinson, long-time pastor, coach, and consultant, thinks you can, and he contends that your total outputs over time will...
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009 When Your Senior Leaders Leaves

Season #1 Episode #9

All of you leaders have had another leader leave your organization. The way they leave and the way the organization responds will determine the health and vitality during the time of transition. This week we discuss...
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008 Why Leaders May Need a Spiritual Director - Eric Nevins

Season #1 Episode #8

On the path of leadership, spiritual development and health is often overlooked and left by the wayside.  Eric Nevins is the host of the popular Halfway There Podcast (with over 175,000 downloads) and who holds an...
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007 The Grit to Realize Your Dreams

Season #1 Episode #7

Brittany Borseth is an entrepreneur and life harder. Join for a great conversation about her journey and the steps that helped push through to a place of personal and financial freedom. Follow Brittany's path from...
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006 Turning Stress into Strength - Rob Colwill

Season #1 Episode #6

Stress is on the mind of most leaders.  We usually talk about how to reduce it or avoid it. This week we dive into how to think of stress as a part of a cycle of development that can make you stronger and healthier...
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005 From Hiding to Healing - Dr. Charity Byers

Season #1 Episode #5

As a leader, you are so invested in what you are doing, when something goes wrong, something gets hard or something hurts, the pain is deep. Regardless of which face pain takes in your life, it can paralyze you. Jump...
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004 How Well Do You Connect with Your Creative Team?

Season #1 Episode #4

Creative work requires time, space and understanding to produce. If you want the type of creativity that moves your organization and community forward, you have to be able to lead creative teams well. Ben Thomas is an...
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003 Using Hard Conversations to Align - Larry Boatright

Season #1 Episode #3

Larry dives into the difficult topic of how to have hard conversation with someone you lead.  Walking through a clear process to prepare and conduct these conversations with a deep consideration for all of the parties...
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002 Hero to Hero Maker - Dave Ferguson

Season #1 Episode #2

We had the honor of connecting with Dave Ferguson in Chicago to have a conversation about how to be a Hero Maker. It is all-to-easy to think that the role of a leader is to be the hero. In this episode, Dave gives us...
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001 - Who are you? with Adam Mock

Season #1 Episode #1

Adam Mock is a Leadership Coaching Specialist as well as a Professional Artist and Writer. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Triple Threat Mentoring a non profit. After leading creative teams for 14 years,...
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000 What is LeadBuildLive?

This episode is a quick introduction to the LeadBuildLive podcast. Larry and Rob take a little time to introduce themselves and the heart and focus of LeadBuildLive.  Our episodes will normally focus on an interview...
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