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Hi - I'm Larry Boatright. I'm a certified leadership coach, organizational development consultant, and content creator. 

I’m passionate about helping leaders lead well, build healthy teams and organizations, and live a life that matters.

I've been working with leaders from a variety of different spheres since 1997: accountants, writers, pastors, draftsmen, designers, CEO's, musicians, small business owners, church leaders, and more.


 I've helped them navigate through organizational strategy - figuring out how to strengthen their organizational structure, get the right people in the right seats on the team, break into new areas of influence, develop their vision, building a healthy team, and coaching leaders through all of it.

I have a BA in Interpersonal & Organizational Communications,  an MA in Religion, and a Master of Divinity. I’ve had graduate level coursework in strategic planning, leadership, counseling, and more.

I live with my wife and 2 growing kiddos (+ 2 dogs and a cat) in Southern California.

ABOUT LEADBUILDLIVE started from a dream my good friend, Rob Colwill, and I dreamed together - a dream to meet leaders where they are and really help them do 3 things:

  1. Lead well - really lead from their strengths, competently, and in a way they could feel good about every single day

  2. Develop healthy teams and organizations - build into people, wanting things for them and not just from them, weaving their people into a cohesive, productive team, and ultimately developing a healthy organization

  3. Live a life that matters - live on mission, make a real difference, and live the kind of life that leaves a legacy


We went head-first into creating space for helping leaders with those three things. We built a website, created a course, and started a podcast.

Then I took on a second job, Rob moved out of state, COVID hit the world, and LeadBuildLive was put on hiatus.

In the fall of 2021, I decided to resurrect the dream and pour all I can into helping leaders win. Stay tuned for new episodes of the podcast (I'm hoping to talk Rob into joining me from time to time, courses, and other ways to serve leaders.


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