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You need to make a new hire – do you have the insights you need to make a great hiring decision? Don’t get burned by the hiring process again…

Hiring new staff members for your growing team can be one of the most exciting, yet daunting aspects of any key leader’s job. You have a gap on your team to fill, limited time to do it, and nearly every leader has that fear of, “What if I hire the wrong person? What if I’m missing something?” That’s a valid fear. And making the wrong choice is costly.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the employee’s annual salary – a steep price to pay, for sure, not to mention the toll it takes on team morale and productivity.

The problem for most leaders is that they are short of time, and often don’t have the personnel to do a thorough job of analyzing prospects for their team. So, most go it alone and often find themselves ready to make an offer to their preferred candidate with lingering questions unanswered because they either don’t have time or they weren’t sure how to get deep insights into their candidate.

I get it. As a leader, I’ve been there and done that. And I’ve made some mistakes along the way. And as a certified leadership coaching specialist, I’ve also talked with dozens of leaders who have made some bad hires and lived with the unfortunate consequences

What if there was a way to strengthen your hiring process and to get the information you need to make a healthy, informed hiring decision?

There is a way – by adding an additional step in your hiring process. Add in an independent hiring assessment of your topcandidate (or perhaps the top two).

An outside hiring assessment serves as a vital step in your existing hiring process and provides in-depth assessments and a formal interview of your potential candidate once the majority of your hiring process is complete.

It helps get you the information you need to determine whether they can do the job, if they will fit in your culture, and discover any gaps in their abilities or character, any challenges you may face while leading them, and strengths they have that you can leverage for the success of the organization. It will also provide you with valuable coaching tips to help them hit the ground running should you choose to hire them.

Here’s What You Get

  • An initial phone/video consultation with a member of our team to review your needs & the process we’ll follow
  • A review of your job description with feedback (if you’d like)
  • Professional behavioral and emotional intelligence assessments administered and results provided directly to you
  • A pre-interview phone/video consultation to review your candidate’s assessments and ensure we are prepared for the formal interview
  • An objective, professional formal interview of your candidate, made on your behalf, that focuses on results of assessments, their job description, a resume review, and any areas of concern you may have that have arisen throughout the hiring process
  • An Executive Summary with an overview of the formal interview, feedback from the assessments, and powerful coaching tips to help you coach your candidate for maximum performance, should you choose to hire them
  • A final phone/video consultation to review the Executive Summary and to answer any questions you may have

How Long It Takes

Every situation is different based on the needs of the client and the availability of the candidate for completing assessments and scheduling and completing the formal interview. It’s possible to complete the entire process, from initial inquiry to final review/consultation, in as little as ten days. Typically, it can be an average of two to three weeks depending on availability of all parties involved.


The fees for an Independent Hiring Assessment includes three phone/video conversations with me, professional behavioral and emotional intelligence assessments, a StrengthsFinder assessment, a formal interview with the candidate (and spouse, if desired), and a detailed executive summary with coaching suggestions and other findings from the process. Please complete the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss pricing and details.

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