Are you stuck? Or ready to go to the next level and not sure how to get there?

I typically do consulting in one or two day blocks, and together we work together to identify challenges in your organization and to find solutions to move forward.

I can help you overcome obstacles and move from surviving to thriving!

Whether it’s stabilizing chaos, strengthening existing systems, a simple organizational tune up, or planning a new exciting initiative, consulting is a great way to help put you and your organization on the path toward success. Any time there is unhealth in an organization, it’s because there are either unhealthy systems or unhealthy people, and sometimes both. So we work together to take a deep look at the systems and people in your organization to make them the best they can be.

I generally do consulting with small to mid-size businesses and nonprofits/churches. I also help start-ups and entrepreneurs plot their launch path.

Some of the areas I can help an organization with are:

  • Systems – evaluating your systems for just about everything it takes to run your business
  • Mission and Core Values – I can help you discover your core values and your mission statement that will drive your organization
  • Staffing – How to find, hire, and lead the best team you can
  • Finances – Evaluating the financial systems and structures and health of the the organization
  • Communications – Evaluating your message and what things could be done system-wide to improve what you’re saying to your audience. We might look at your website, your enews, bulletin, signage, Facebook page, and more
  • First Impressions – Evaluating how your teams work together to create a WOW experience every time for guests and members of your tribe
  • Assimilation – Evaluating how people get connected to your tribe
  • Administration – Evaluating your admin systems and personnel, and the “what it takes” to run an organization

These are just some of the areas we can focus on during consulting. I’d love to chat about how I might help your organization move forward. Click here to start a conversation about how we can work together. 

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