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One of the biggest challenges for any senior leader is leading and developing their core leadership team. We’ve all been to conferences, read the books, workshops, even hired staff – all in an effort to develop our team – only to watch that energy fizzle out or get lost in the craziness that comes with leading an organization. Can you relate?

New research shows that having a strategic partner/coach who coaches the senior leadership team can dramatically impact your team’s ability to overcome challenges, get on the same page, and do more together than you could individually. I’m even seeing a huge movement in companies investing in full time staff positions with a primary responsibility in helping coach people to their full potential. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Here’s the deal: Investing in leaders and their teams is some of my favorite work, and I believe Team Coaching is a powerful way to help teams win.

So, I have an opening for a high-potential team to invest in for the next six months. I’m looking for teams who are ready to take big steps forward but could really use a partner to help them go farther, faster.

I bring years of experience, skills, and passion to this, and I’m really excited about what we could do together. I’m going to give a TON of energy and bring my A-Game to help them work together better than ever and get the ball down the field!

One client told me that having me working with they and their team was like having another partner in the company committed to helping their whole team get better. Imagine having someone you can trust committed to helping you win! That’s what I’m prepared to do with my team coaching.

I’d love an opportunity to come alongside you and serve as a “partner” of sorts – to help you determine your team’s needs and what a healthy team can look like in your organization, and to help you coach the team to get there.

I’d work with you to create a CUSTOM coaching plan unique to your team – not running them through a formula or some canned agenda. I’m talking about developing TRANSFORMATIVE, sustained change within the life of your team. Helping them win. Helping them grow. Helping them own their stuff. Helping them work through all kinds of things. And helping them add MASSIVE value to those they lead. I’m going to give everything I’ve got to helping them move forward as a team and as an organization.

Here’s what this would look like:

  • An initial consultation meeting with the team leader and other members of the team as needed to develop an initial strategy to make a six month or a twelve month coaching plan
  • One to two group coaching meetings per month (2-3 hours)filled with custom coaching and tips and tricks and resources
  • A one-on-one with each member of the team per month (including you as the leader). That’s right – I’d coach every single member of your senior leadership team individually as well. focused on helping them draw out their best potential and their best offering to the organization
  • Guided discussion and at times book discussion to help the team grow and develop
  • An objective coach exclusively focused on making the team better, driving leadership and organizational development and personal growth
  • Top-of-the-industry assessments for your team at a huge discount
  • A safe, confidential person for the team leader to talk to and process things with
  • Some other killer bonuses (including free consulting which is a big value) as you’ll see in the PDF below

I know one of the biggest challenges for you is how much it costs to pay for development – I also know that Team Coaching is really taking off and practitioners are charging BIG BUCKS to do this. Development is certainly an investment, but I want to do my best to make this as affordable as I can for you.

I so believe in this and I am so committed to helping you win that I’d like to offer to coach your whole senior leadership team and give you a bunch of extra bonuses for free for a special super limited rate.

That’s me investing a ton of energy into each person individually as well as as a team, and giving you a built-in consultant of sorts to help you navigate through any challenges your organization faces during those six months. It’s a killer deal, I won’t keep it at this price forever, and I promise you’ll get a TON of value from investing in your team like this.


I plan to start working with these teams in October. So, I’d love it if you’d:

  • Check out this PDF  with some more information about what team coaching is,  how it can help, and how much it costs.
  • Consider allowing me to serve you and your team for six months to help you go farther, faster. We’ll work together to create a custom coaching plan for your team and implement it for the next six months. I’ll show you how to invest in your team, but I’ll also help your team grow and develop and set and reach some great goals. I’d love to talk about how I could help your team (see this PDF for more info on the kinds of things we could accomplish together).
  • Take a minute and think of anyone you know who could benefit from having someone coach them and their leadership team. I’d love to make that worth your while. If you refer someone to me who signs up for a 6-12 month team coaching engagement, I’ll give you personally up to 3 individual coaching sessions for free (a $1,000 value) or a half day of consulting and a free coaching followup session. If that’s not something you could use right now, you can  also “gift” the free coaching to someone who you know needs it (someone on your team, or a friend).


If you’re ready to start the conversation, read through this PDF or email me directly at

Click here to download a PDF with more info and instructions.

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