The Coaching Process

You might be wondering how coaching works. Here is a general overview of the process I typically follow:

Dream of the Future

If things were perfect, you wouldn’t need coaching. But we’re all human and capable of stretching and growing. So at this point, we spend some time dreaming about the future. We ask questions like, “What would you as a leader look like a year from now if you really took some serious steps forward?” We explore the things that you feel would  equal progress in the future, what you’d like your future to look like, what type of life you want to live, and more.

Assess the Current Reality

In this step, we dig deep to discover what your current reality is. I want to know what’s working and what’s not working with your leadership and your life. Sometimes we will dig deep into your organization too if we need it. I generally administer a handful of assessments to get a look at your personality style/behavior in the work place, emotional intelligence, strengths, etc. The goal is to clear away anything that prevents us from getting a true picture of you, the good bad and the ugly, so we know exactly where you are and what we have to work with. I like to evaluate the current reality by asking, “what is in crisis mode and needs to be stabilized? What’s working ok but needs to be strengthened or a plan put in place to be maintained? What’s healthy and ready to grow?”

Discover Gaps & Resources

Here we look at your current reality as well as your preferred future and ask, “What are the things that will prevent you from getting there?” We get honest… Some of it is YOU- blind spots in your leadership or emotional intelligence or skill set, etc, and some of it is your environment or circumstances. We get the cold hard truth out on the table. It’s tough, but it’s healthy! We also ask, “What resources, skills, connections, and assets do you have that will assist you on your journey?” Knowing what your gaps are, as well as what your resources are, give us the knowledge we need to continue toward the future.

Identify Areas of Focus

Typically, an area or two of primary focus emerge at this point. Our next step is to identify two or three (sometimes more) areas of focus for the remainder of our coaching time. It may be how to grow as a leader in things like emotional intelligence, lack of knowledge about a critical area of leadership, communication skills, etc.

Set Goals & Objectives

Depending on how much time we have together (3 or 6 months), we use all the data we have so far to set goals and objectives that will help you close those gaps, utilize your resources, and take GIANT LEAPS toward your preferred future! I’m a student of accelerated learning, and I work hard to help clients go in 6 months where they thought it would take them a year or two or three. It can be done!

Coaching to Win

After we do that work, our regular coaching sessions will be to help you move toward achieving those goals. We’ll meet 2-3 times per month for the duration of our working together, and I’ll help you take steps toward achieving your goals.


Does this process look like something you’d like to walk through? I can help you do that. Click here and let’s start a conversation about how I can help you win!


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