Hey there, I’m Larry, and I have a question for you…

Are you leading from your own skin?

Do you ever feel like you’re a leader who’s trying to be like someone else?

What if you gave yourself permission to embrace who you really are, discover your own potential, and lead from that place?

Guess what – it would transform your leadership from the inside out!

I work hard to empower leaders to embrace and develop their unique potential, build healthy teams, and lead thriving organizations.

I coach leaders to get and stay healthy,  unleash their unique leadership superpowers, manage their weaknesses, and love what they do.

I work with all kinds of leaders – middle managers, ceo’s, non-profit leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and everything in between. In my work, I work hard to help them take massive steps toward developing into the leader they were made to be.

Does that sound like something you could benefit from? You bet you could!

Leadership coaching is a process that accelerates the development of a leader. Leadership coaches assist leaders in assessing their true potential and development abilities and guide them through a process of growth that occurs much faster than the leader could do on their own. It’s a collaborative process that develops awareness of the leader, sets clear development goals, and guides the leader to achieve these goals, for their own growth as well as the success of the organization.

I can help you:

  • Prepare for a promotion/developing high potential leaders rapidly
  • Navigate through change and transition
  • Improve emotional intelligence issues
  • Improve communication abilities
  • Embrace and leverage your natural giftedness/wiring
  • Navigate through conflict
  • Find solutions to challenges
  • Find a healthy work-life balance
  • Make better hires
  • Build & lead healthy teams
  • Create a customized development plans

Three ways I coach leaders:

  • 1:1. We work together to identify areas for growth, set goals, and coach you to develop into the leader the world has been waiting for. We typically work for six to twelve months.
  • Team Coaching. I love working with leadership teams to help them learn to work together in a healthy way and maximize their capacity as a team. You can learn more about that here.
  • Workshops and group coaching. I do emotional intelligence and strengths workshops, as well as online group coaching to help leaders and teams go to the next level.

When we work together, we’ll walk through three specific phases designed to help you identify & eliminate obstacles to your success, and empower you to lead a thriving organization:

  • The CONSULTING Phase: In this phase, we do a deep dive into your organization and your leadership to get clarity about what gaps exist that are standing in the way of the success you want, how to fix them, as well as the amazing things you uniquely bring to the table that will help you win. We develop a healthy plan to eliminate those obstacles, get back on track, and take huge steps forward. My role during this phase is that of CONSULTANT. I work hard to get you out of this phase and on to the next as quickly as possible.
  • The COACHING Phase: In this phase, I shift to a coaching approach where my goal is to empower and equip you to jump back in the driver’s seat, work the plan, and take your leadership to the next level. You’ll start seeing results RIGHT AWAY! My role during this phase is that of a COACH. It’s all about helping YOU do things you didn’t even think you were capable of doing!
  • The THRIVING Phase: In this phase, you’ve overcome many challenges, you’re leading like a pro, and growth is on the right track. I’ll mostly get out of the way and let you lead because you are KILLING IT! My role is that of a MENTOR. I am available to encourage you and give advice from time to time, but at this point, you’re getting things done and building the company and the life that you want.

I’d love to chat about how we can unleash your leadership superpowers!

I offer a FREE 30-60 minute COMPLIMENTARY coaching call – me actually coaching you on something you need coaching on – so we can explore whether working together is a fit.

Simply click here to start a conversation about how we can work together!

Ready to unleash your leadership superpowers?

Ready to lead like never before, develop your leadership superpowers so you can focus on what you uniquely bring to the table, and building a thriving organization?

It's time to get unstuck. Be yourself. Thrive!

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