About Me

I’m a leadership coach, organizational development consultant, and content creator. I’m a certified Leadership Coaching Specialist (LCS) ™.

I help leaders overcome obstacles, leverage their unique potential, and  lead a thriving organization. 

I’ve been working with leaders in both the nonprofit and the for profit worlds since 1997, and I’ve been coaching people and businesses for years in various ways. I’ve worked with clients from a wide variety of spheres of influence: accountants, writers, pastors, draftsman, CEO’s, musicians, small business owners, designers, and more.

I have a BA in Interpersonal & Organizational Communications,  an MA,  and an Master of Divinity. I’ve had graduate level coursework in strategic planning, leadership, counseling, and more.

You can read more about the coaching  work I do.

I live with my wife and 2 growing boys (and 2 dogs and a cat) on the Gulf Coast near Tampa, Florida.


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