8 Steps to Making a Great Hire

December 16, 2016


In my work with leaders from all different kinds of organizations throughout the years, one topic comes up over and over: “How do I find and hire great people? And why does the process have to be so dang hard?”

Those are great questions!

When we start looking at why organizations struggle with hiring, often it comes down to this one thing: they don’t have a healthy hiring process, or a hiring process at all!

To help make it clearer, I’ve put together a nice little FREE infographic giving you the basic outline of an 8-step hiring process. Put some of these elements into practice, and watch the quality of your hires (and your competency as someone who hires) go up.

Download your free infographic here. And I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts in the comments below.

By the way – I’m about to release a step-by-step hiring toolkit (featuring these 8 steps) leaders can use to do it right, and it includes template job descriptions, interview questions, reference check forms, and a ton more. It will save you tons of time, will give you a process and tools to use every single hire from here on out, and will immediately help you take HUGE STEPS towards making better hires. You can get on the list to be notified about the step-by-step hiring toolkit here.

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