Aligning Conversations Pt. 1: Celebrate

Monday I began a 5-part conversation about a critical part of leadership (communication) and a specific type of leadership conversation I call Aligning Conversations.  Just to review, I defined an Aligning Conversation as, A conversation that serves to nudge or redirect the path of someone you are leading in order to help them perform in a way that […]

Aligning Conversations: Intro

I love helping give people simple tools they can use in ALL aspects of their lives.  Today I’m starting a new series that has the power to change how you talk to EVERYONE – your kids, those you lead, your spouse, literally everyone you have any kind of influence with. It seems like there’s a […]

6 Ways to Be More Productive in 2015

  Several weeks ago we entered the time of the year, every year, when people make lofty goals of being uber productive. We all dream of those near-utopic stretches where we, huddled over our computers, are getting things done and checking things off the list (oh how I love getting things checked off the list!). We imagine […]